Glam, Dramatic, or Natural Magnetic Lashes: Which is Best for You?

Glam, Dramatic, or Natural Magnetic Lashes: Which is Best for You?

Enhance Your Eyes and Express Yourself with Magnetic Lashes

The eyes are powerful tools that enable us to perceive beauty, communicate our inner truths, and connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. In fact, science has proven that when looking at someone we naturally gravitate to the eyes and behavioral psychologists boost that eye contact is the secret to success in business, love, and life. So why not enhance the power and appeal of our eyes with easy to apply magnetic lashes? 

As one of the beauty industry’s hottest new items, magnetic lashes enable us to intensify and diversify our look within minutes. In a safe and effortless way we can transform into an icon of glamorous allure, a portrayal of dramatic character, or a model sporting the no-makeup look in a way that makes us appear to have been born with the natural gift of luscious lash length. 

Regardless of how you choose to express yourself, magnetic lashes can turn your look up a few notches as they compliment your eye shape in the most attractive way possible. Whether you fancy dramatically noticeable long, cat-like lashes that make others purr with excitement or an effortlessly chic wispy composition that adds a little extra volume, the following guide can help you decide which magnetic eyelashes will work best for you. 


The Best Magnetic Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Personal preference and an individual’s innate sense of style will always upstage basic guidelines, however by taking the shape of your eyes into account you can be sure you’re highlighting them in the most attractive way possible. The most common eye shapes are listed below, along with basic suggestions for magnetic eyelashes. 

Almond eye shape: The description lies within the name, shaped like an almond whereby thelength is greater than the height and the corners may be slightly lifted. Almond eyes are considered to be the most proportionate eye shape, and many beauty advisors aim to give alternative eye shapes the appearance of being more almond-like by utilizing contouring eyelashes and makeup techniques. 

Suggested eyelash style: Any and all lashes will look stunning! Cat eye lashes will emphasize length and appear more mysterious. Full or fluffy lashes will make your eyes look bigger. Minimalistic wispy lashes will give the perfect “no-makeup” makeup look.

Round eye shape: Round eyes are typically large, circular, and prominent, which naturally grabs people’s attention right away. 

Suggest eyelash style: Since round eyes already appear to be open and alert, cat eye lashes of variable lengths will balance and elongate the shape by drawing attention from the mid to the outer edges. For a softer more flirtatious look choose thin and wispy lashes. Note, super thick lashes may make round eyes appear ultra-surprised. 

Hooded eyes: Hooded eyes have a little extra skin right above the crease of the eye in a way that can make them look heavy and/or hide the lash line. 

Suggested eyelash style: In an effort to open the eyes, choose bold, long, and luscious lashes to add more of a fullness. Especially those that have more length in the mid-eye and taper off near the inner and outer corners. 

Monolid eyes: Single lidded eyes that do not have the natural arc-shaped crease between the eyelashes and the brow. Most common among East Asian people. 

Suggested eyelash style: Create a more dramatic and open look with lashes that have length and curl. Cat eyes lashes accentuate the elongated eye shape while also making them appear beautifully exotic and glamorous. 

Downturned eyes: Just as the name suggests, downturned eyes tilt downward at the outer corners. This can give the allusion of your upper lid being larger than the lower lid.

Suggested eyelash style: Eyelashes that give more volume on the upper outer corners of the eyes will lift them. Perfect examples to complement the already stunning eye shape include voluminous cat eye or minimalistic wispy lashes. 

Upturned eyes: Upturned eyes are fairly common and have a classic oval shape. As the name suggests they lift slightly at the outer corners of the eyes which may make the lower lid appear longer than the upper lid. 

Suggested eyelash style: Go dramatic with extra volume. Long luscious cat eye lashes and/or bold and fluffy lashes will do the trick. 


Glam, Dramatic, or Natural Looking Magnetic Lashes?

So now that you’ve dialed in the shape of your eyes and a few eyelash styles that will further accentuate your best trait, it’s time to decide if you want to go glam, dramatic, or embrace a more natural look with your magnetic lashes. 

Some questions to ask yourself and/or aspects to consider...


1. Are you after a more natural, girl next door look?


The Leilani - Natural, wispy, subtle volume

The Bella - Low maintenance, short round, wispy


2. Is there a special event that you want to dress up and look glamorous for? 


The Hannah - Cat eye, multidimensional layers

The Gigi - Full volume, dramatically bold length

The Kamria - Full glam, extra long and luscious 


3. Do you want to accentuate a particular outfit or costume with color?


The Kiki - Purple and Black

The Crystal - White

The Dylan - Rainbow


4. Would you like to elevate your look in a way that everyone notices or just that special someone?


The Maddy - Medium round, glam

The Monica- Natural cat eye, vegan


5. Are you going for exotic in a way that enhances your natural eye color? 


The Amber - Amber colored, long cat eye

The Yiyi - Pink and Black


Let Your Eyes Say it All With Magnetic Lashes

Turn your look up a few notches and let your eyes become a more powerful tool in business, love, and life with magnetic lashes. You’ll not only feel more confident and attractive as you compliment your natural eye shape, but you’ll love the ability to express yourself in a plethora of stunning ways. 

If you’re new to magnetic lashes and want to start with a few options, purchase the Mink Starter Kit or the Vegan Starter Kit for everything you’ll need to enhance your natural beauty. No matter which lashes you choose you’ll be giving you eyes the ability to say it all in a glam, dramatic, or natural manner. 

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