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10 magnets

Yaya Flirty Lash

Easy to wear, guilt-free, and absolutely glorious! The Yaya lashes blend beautifully with your natural look as they effortlessly enhance your eyes with wispy variable length and cat-like attitude.


  • Type: Premium Vegan
  • 10 magnets
  • Long Cat Eye
  • Color: Black
  • 30+ Uses
  • Liner: Not Included
          How to Apply

          Line - Your eyelid, with Carabella Magnetic liner and allow to dry 1-2 minutes

          Lash - Grab your magnetic lash and applicator and apply it to the magnetic liner

          Go - You are ready, bat those lashes and love life.

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          CARABELLA vs Other Brands




          • 10 magnets makes for a strong hold that will not fall off

            Only 4-6 magnets, weak hold and fall off frequently

          • Thin magnets make it comfortable to wear

            Thick magnets make the lashes heavy and uncomfortable to wear

          • High-quality look and feel, 30+ uses

            Cheap looking, break easily, 5-10 uses

          • Natural look and size

            Cartoonishly big, looks fake

          • Easy application

            Hard to put on

          • Liner contains more iron for a better hold

            Liner is sticky, dries out and magnetic hold is weak