Anti Aging Cream

  • High-quality look & feel
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Ships from USA, Arrives in 3-5 Business days
Give your skincare routine a major boost by delivering key ingredients that help it better repair and renew itself. Carabella’s Anti-Aging Cream is formulated to make a dramatic difference with aloe that rejuvenates aged tissues, safflower oil which boosts anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, hops extract for extra conditioning, and several other antioxidants containing powerful anti-aging benefits. Your face will feel revitalized.

CARABELLA vs Other Brands




  • 10 magnets makes for a strong hold that will not fall off

    Only 4-6 magnets, weak hold and fall off frequently

  • Thin magnets make it comfortable to wear

    Thick magnets make the lashes heavy and uncomfortable to wear

  • High-quality look and feel, 30+ uses

    Cheap looking, break easily, 5-10 uses

  • Natural look and size

    Cartoonishly big, looks fake

  • Easy application

    Hard to put on

  • Liner contains more iron for a better hold

    Liner is sticky, dries out and magnetic hold is weak